Ryan Murphy Construction offers over 109 years of combined experience in construction, renovation and project management.

Our Story

It is not typical for two women to be working on a construction site, but that is the unusual scenario where Lara Murphy and Karen Ryan met in Banff, Alberta. After several conversations and a few joint projects that year, they decided to form Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in 2008, with their home base in Calgary, Alberta.

With over 30 years of combined experience in construction, renovation and project management, Lara and Karen deliver outstanding service that is changing the perception of the construction industry with each client they meet.

Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta-based construction company. Most would assume the company is male owned and operated. This excerpt from the fall edition of the Calgary trade magazine ‘Women in Work Boots’ should help clear up any confusion:

Q: “Anyone hearing your company’s name for the first time would assume that ‘Ryan Murphy’ is a man. What made you choose this name, and do you think it helps to attract the business of those who may be skeptical about working with a construction company owned by women?“

A: We definitely chose the name based on the assumption people would think it was a man. It was an intentional play on words that actually makes for great conversation (and probably doesn’t hurt in an industry that largely employs men!).

As far as it giving us more opportunity, that’s tough to say as no one has told us straight up they wouldn’t work with us because we were women – at least not to our face!”

Our priorities are clear communication, working within budget, and delivering your project on time.

In the Community

Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. is proud to volunteer time and skills to assist the city and neighbourhoods where we work and live.

From organizing our team to support in the clean up of nearly 100 homes and businesses during the devastating flood of 2013, to raising funds and racing marathons for kids and families with Cerebral Palsy, we support vibrant, healthy, happy homes and communities.