Ryan Murphy Construction offers over 109 years of combined professional experience in construction, renovation and project management.

Introducing The Ryan Murphy Team

Karen Ryan is the co-founder of Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

While operating as the project manager and site supervisor of a retail construction project in Banff, Karen noticed another project manager on the site was also a woman. After chatting and become fast friends during the completion of that project, Karen knew she wanted to work with Lara Murphy again.

Karen had been the project manager with a general contracting company in Montreal that handled retail stores like Quiksilver. She travelled across Canada constructing and opening their new stores until she co-founded Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in 2008.

Prior to that, Karen was the construction project manager for Rogers Video. But it all really started when she was an employee and manager of a Rogers Video store, and she told her manager she wanted to do more. A while later, that manager moved departments and oversaw the construction of new stores. He called Karen to ask her if she wanted to try it out. Karen loved it, learned as much as she could and worked her way up.

Karen had always wanted to have her own company. She decided to move to Calgary from Montreal and to work on a few projects with Lara. And it all went well and her dream came true: Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. was born.

Lara Murphy is the co-founder of Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

Lara’s first job in Calgary was with a development company as a project manager. Once she had networked enough trades into her database, she decided to branch out on her own and take on some renovation projects. It was on a retail construction project in Banff that Lara met her future business partner Karen Ryan, with whom she co-founded Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. in 2008.

Throughout her university career in the Maritimes, Lara owned a painting business that expanded to maintenance and renovations for homes and yachts. She found herself more of an entrepreneur than a student of history and political science. During and after university, Lara was a competitive soccer player, and she travelled around Europe for a few years before settling back in Canada as a business owner.

Upon returning to New Brunswick, Lara started to buy and renovate old homes and apartments. Having just graduated university, she didn’t have much money to pay contractors and trades to come in and do the work, so she made it her mandate to learn how to do it herself. She did well and people noticed. Her first project became her showpiece and those who visited asked her to take on projects in their own spaces. Her business grew until she moved west in 2005.

Each year the business has been operating, its growth has doubled, and Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. is on target to do the same this year. Lara and Karen have purchased a new office space in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood.