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Beakerhead 2016

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Beakerhead is an annual program in Calgary that brings together arts, sciences and engineering to create works of art that are displayed around the city each September. In 2016, we had an opportunity to volunteer to help with one of the amazing installations, known as “Message in a Bottle.”

Team Piper Fundraising Event

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Since 2013, Ryan Murphy Construction has been involved in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge as the proud sponsor of Cerebral Palsy Kids and Family, participating as Team Piper.

Team Piper

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On June 1st, Ryan Murphy Construction will be participating in the 50th Anniversary Scotiabank Calgary Marathon while raising funds for Cerebral Palsy kids and Families through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

Creating An Army Of Volunteers, A Labour Of Love & Organization

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When it came to organizing an army of volunteers to help folks clean up the horrific mess caused by recent flooding in Calgary, nobody was better qualified than Angie Lovegrove.

The Inglewood Community Association hall manager contacted Ward 9 Ald. Gian-Carlo Carra. He summoned his volunteer co-ordinator Ted Buracas for his expertise and the operation was soon in full steam, eventually rounding up 500 volunteers to help clean up close to 100 homes and businesses in the area.