Mlenow Blog Feature: These two women take on the world of construction

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When you first hear the name Ryan Murphy Construction you naturally assume the company was founded by a man named Ryan Murphy. For Ryan Murphy Construction this is a common assumption, but it could not be farther from the truth. Lara Murphy and Karen Ryan founded Ryan Murphy Construction in order to change customer perceptions in the construction industry as a whole.

There is no argument that jobs in construction are largely filled by men. When Lara and Karen first met on a job site in Banff they couldn’t believe their luck. Two women working on the same project? In their experience that was almost unheard of. After working together and staying in touch for many years they finally decided to go ahead with their plan. Using a masculine sounding name, these ladies burst into the construction scene with their new business ensuring no biases would be held against them. Of course many clients called asking to speak with “Ryan” but this didn’t bother Lara and Karen one bit. They went above and beyond their customer’s expectations and built an incredible reputation for themselves even amidst an economic downturn and peoples previous perceptions.

Learn how these ladies justified building out a business amidst an economic downturn and why this decision has in fact made them stronger. Read the full story here. 

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