Life is complicated. When your current functionality of your space is not meeting your needs, we’re here to help you find a solution.

We’re here to help.

We believe everyone can thrive, regardless of their circumstances, when provided with the proper support and opportunities.

With the concept of Universal Design, we adapt and implement usable building components for barrier-free living and working spaces–indoor and outdoor urban environments.

We will work closely with you to pinpoint accessibility issues throughout your space and then help you roll out an affordable solution.

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Our Accessibility Expertise

Common Accessibility Features

Comfort, convenience and safety are important. Custom placement, ensuring full range of motion, and ease of access are what you can expect from us.

Door Expansion/Widening

We will remove barriers to ensure mobility—and sometimes a couple of inches is all it takes.

Wheelchair Entrance and Garage Ramps

We have a wealth of experience building ramps to meet the Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) code.

Bathroom Support Systems

Make the layout changes or add the support systems you need to be able to move freely throughout your bathroom space.

Wheelchair-Friendly Showers

We can help you create a curbless shower for greater independence.


We are proud of our accomplishments and don’t mind showing off.

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Ryan Murphy worked with us to meet the needs of our family and specifically the needs of our daughter.Emily Jackson, Accessible Housing Client