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Women In Workbooks Magazine CoverQ: Anyone hearing your company’s name for the first time would assume that “Ryan Murphy” is a man. What made you choose this name, and do you think it helps to attract the business of those who may be skeptical about working with a construction company owned by women?

A: We definitely chose the name based on the assumption people would think it was a man. It was an intentional play-on-words that actually makes for great conversation (and probably doesn’t hurt in an industry that largely employs men!). As far as it giving us more opportunity, that’s tough to say as no one has told us straight up they wouldn’t work with us because we were women– at least not to our face!

Q: What made you decide to get into business together?

A: We met on a job site in Banff during the boom in 2007. At the time, things were incredibly busy.
As the only two women working on the site, we struck up conversations that lead to the potential for an opportunity in business together. We tried a few smaller projects together and in 2008, Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. was formed!

Q:What kind of work do you specialize in and, of the services you offer, what are the majority of contracts you take?

A: We are general contractors, working in commercial, retail and residential construction. We also have a division that is dedicated to home modifications for families and individuals with special needs.

Since the floodwater hit Alberta in June, our residential side has really gained momentum. Currently, we are constructing a holistic clinic, residential wheelchair ramps and a Tommy Hilfiger store. As you can see, it’s a mixed bag. Our mantra is “No job is too small, and no job is too large!” We do it all!

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